About Fannie Hungerford

Fannie Hungerford, 500 EYRT, is a creator, teacher, and spiritual seeker based in Iowa City, IA. A lover of people and with a great interest in the human condition, her teaching is grounded in the energetics and psychology of yoga, and provides experiences for the Soul alongside tools for leading a less-burdened life.  Lately, she is inspired by the interconnectedness of things and what arises when we show up authentically and listen.  

Specializing in yoga nidra and practices which lead us into the spaces of deep knowing and heartfelt experience, Fannie leans on the wisdom of the Earth, her colleagues and loved ones, and the Sri Vidya spiritual tradition (a 5,000 year-old living tradition of the Himalayan Masters.) 

With over 20 years of experience practicing yoga and meditation and 15 years teaching, she holds many certifications through ParaYoga, and continues to study and practice; most recently with mentors Yoli Maya Yeh and Tracee Stanley.  

Fannie is on faculty at the University of Iowa, teaching Yoga (practice and philosophy) in the Theatre Arts Department, and is also a graduate student at Mount Mercy University, studying to become a Marriage and Family Therapist.  She leads retreats, yoga teacher training, and seasonal classes.  She has 3 kids and loves tacos.