About Fannie Hungerford

Fannie Hungerford, 500 EYRT, ParaYoga Instructor, Four Desires Trainer, ParaYoga Nidra Teacher, is a yoga and meditation teacher based in Iowa City. She is Iowa’s only ParaYoga  certified teacher (Level 2.) She is a firm believer in the time-tested power of the ancient practices of yoga. A lover of people and with a great interest in the human condition, her teaching is grounded in the energetics and psychology of yoga, and provides experiences for the Soul alongside tools for leading a less-burdened life. As an initiate in the Sri Vidya spiritual tradition, she leans on the wisdom of the masters as she transmits the teachings for the modern-day practitioner. She aims to practice daily to tap into the boundless supply of peace, patience, playfulness, and love that is available to us all.

A native of South Carolina, she was introduced to yoga in 1999 by her Marine Science teacher in undergrad. While living in Chicago, she practiced and studied at Moksha Yoga Center where she received her 200 hr teacher training.  In 2008, she met Rod Stryker, and committed to studying with him and immersing in the ParaYoga curriculum. She continues to study with Yogarupa Rod Stryker, as well as his teacher, Pandit Rajmani Tiguinait of the Himalayan Institute.


Fannie is on faculty at the University of Iowa, teaching Yoga (practice and philosophy) in the Theatre Arts Department. She is the momma of three young children, and occasionally moonlights as an actor and a dancer/choreographer.

What is ParaYoga?

Developed by Yogarupa, Rod Stryker, “it is one of the country’s fasted growing, most respected styles of yoga today.”


On the surface, a ParaYoga class doesn’t look too different from other yoga asana classes out there. But ParaYoga isn’t about the surface. It’s about shifting the inner world of the practitioner. For, if you change your energy, you change the way you see the world. And if you change the way you see the world, you slowly begin to change the way you move and engage in the world.

How do you shape the interior of the self? Through sculpting your energy. You can manage and change your energy by adding pranayama, visualization, chanting, bandha, kriya, and meditation to your practice. ParaYoga is influenced by Tantra, Ayurveda, and Pantanjali Yoga and weaves all of these various elements into the practice.


Fannie’s classes can be vigorous or soothing, but will always leave you feeling more balanced and stable and remembering your True Nature.