In Silence, we can hear our own heart.  In Stillness, we can feel our own breath.  In each Moment, Truth awaits.


Fannie has been my yoga teacher and mentor for the past three years.  When I first came to her classes, despite having practiced yoga at a few other places in the past, I was certainly still within the beginner realm.  Feeling timid of a new class and a new teacher (as most people are), I was pleasantly surprised to feel so welcomed and connected to her class from the very first practice.  Since that time, I have been a devoted student of Fannie’s, and my practice has grown in so many ways, anywhere from pranayama to asana to daily meditation, and I have Fannie’s guiding light to thank for that.  Her ability to take anyone, no matter what your level or experience, on a spiritual journey in her classes is what truly makes her teaching so special.  She is able to take yoga further than just some postures, breath, and movements, and create something that is a deeper experience, something that speaks to your soul and your own life path.  Her classes are the most gratifying, connected, and blissful practices that I have ever witnessed.  For those 90 minutes, your practice can take you to another place.  Fannie has a very special and unique gift of being able to share yoga in a way no one else ever has for me…and I have pure gratitude to have shared it.  – Allyson Malandra

Fannie Is a truly exceptional teacher and individual. She is inspirational in explaining her teachings in class and does so with knowledge, humility, and humor. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to go deeper within their own inner work and journey of one’s self-knowledge, which reveals our true essence and light. – Sean Camillian

I took a class with Fannie shortly after she moved to Iowa City in 2010, and I was immediately taken with her and with Para Yoga. I love that it is a very integrated style of yoga, where pranayama and meditation are as central to the practice as asana. I love the soothing, repetitive motions that flow with the breath–they seem to enliven the body without the wear and tear of traditional vinyasa. Fannie is a gifted teacher who knows when to guide and when to let the practices do their work. She is as knowledgable about mantra, yoga nidra, meditation, and pranayama as she is about asana–something that cannot be said about most yoga teachers. She is a big inspiration to me, since I can see how she is continually growing and learning. Through the Four Desires process, I came to a more peaceful understanding of the driving forces that define us as humans, and I learned more ways to align my energy with true desire. I practice yoga because it opens up space for the person I want to become. In this journey of inward seeking, I cannot imagine a better guide than Fannie.

By practicing with her in the style of ParaYoga, I’m manifesting my goals more quickly, living with more joy and contentment, with a greater sense of abundance, and with greater peace and equanimity in my relationships. These are the benefits of Para Yoga. -Jennifer Iverson



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