Eastern Iowa Yoga Teacher Training: Advanced Yoga Training – Awakening to More

Eastern Iowa Yoga Advanced Teacher Training is an in-depth and experiential program exploring Tantric hatha yoga.  Integrating the energetics, philosophy, history, psychology, and spirituality of yoga, this program is designed to immerse and guide each particpant into a deepened embodiment and understanding of the teachings of yoga.

There will be a strong emphasis in co-creating the curriculum and experience so that the group grows together.  Dedicated students and facilitators  are encouraged to enroll.

The program draws from Tantra, Classical Yoga, Ayurveda, and Earth Wisdom. Students in enrolled in this course will gain a true connection to the practices so that they unfold more authentically from within.  By delving deep into your own practice, you will be enlivened to share that which you know and feel.

This program is the equivalent of a 300-hr training.

Requirements for Enrollment:

  • A willingness to grow
  • An open heart and mind
  • Willing seeker and curiosity about all aspects of yoga
  • a minimum of 5 years of yoga practice
  • if a teacher, 200 hr or equivalent training

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