New Online Classes begin 1/17/21.  All classes 1/17-1/31 will be free!  You still need to sign up for all classes, even during free period.  Links will be sent out 1 hr prior to class.

You can make a donation, or check “join for free” upon checking out and signing up.

After January, payment will be either per class/video, monthly subscription  for full live/on demand access, or class packages.

  • Class Packages: Can be purchased here for 5 class, here for 10 class, or here for 20 class.  Use your package to sign up for any weekly classes from February onward.
  • Monthly Subscriptions can be purchased here  for $75.  Requires auto-renewal for 3 months.
  • On Demand Videos coming soon and will be available for rental $8/each
  • Single live classes can be purchased on a sliding scale from $9-20